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Katrina evacuees called 'yard apes' by college official

And I thought ‘yard ape’ referred to the President strolling across the grass last night to give that lead balloon speech on live TV.

The woman serving as associate vice president for student services at Greenville (SC) Technical College “resigned” after multiple brain malfunctions in her job there. She’s “numb” and “shocked” that calling children evacuated from the worst natural disaster in our country’s history as “yard apes” — in two separate briefings last week — might be a teensy bit beyond the pale. (

“I’m just numb and in a state of shock,” Holcombe told The Associated Press. When asked if she meant the comment as a racial slur, she said: “Heavens, no.” [Yes, I call all little darkies yard apes – doesn’t everyone?]

A message left for school president Tom Barton was not immediately returned Wednesday. Barton said Tuesday that Holcombe had apologized in a separate meeting. He said the comments were reported to him by staff members who attended the meeting last Thursday. “We’re going to rectify the situation and make it very much known that we won’t ever tolerate that kind of situation – ever,” Barton said.

Barton said Holcombe, associate vice president for student services, made the comment at a briefing to inform college employees of their roles as Greenville Tech bused hurricane refugees from the Palmetto Expo Center for registration. “It’s even hard for me to repeat because I can’t imagine anybody that would make such an asinine statement,” Barton said.

“It was stated that We will take these yellow buses and go pick up these yard apes.’ My God, how bad can bad get?”

…”It’s not like she just came to work,” he said. “She’s been here and she knows our philosophy and she knows the institution. I just can’t imagine why she did it.”

Holcombe said Wednesday she did not want to discuss the incident because she didn’t want “to add fuel to the fire,” but she said she looks forward to the day her side of the story can be told.

And what might that side of the story look like? This, my friends, is an example of someone that belongs with the knuckle-draggers in the White Power movement. May I direct her to the Stormfront message board, where she can mingle with this breed of apes…

Actual Stormfront Ape Quotes

“A local church here in our small town in Arkansas has decided to take in 198 of the refugee blacks from New Orleans. Now let me start off by saying there is not one single black in this town, and now they are bringing in 198 of these raping, murdering, thieving, blacks. What the he** can we do? Damn, i just starting buying our house here, and have only made 5 payments so far. I need advice please…..”

“Where the heck is the local Klan when ya need em ?!!”

“Believe it or not, we called the local Klan about 2 weeks ago, and they actually admitted that they don’t do anything anymore, because they are broke….”

“If everyone in your town feels the same way. Just act like they aren’t there. Act like they’re invisible. Everybody. Do it long enough and the nature of the attention starved negro will come out in such ways to deserve arrest, but none will be able to blame Whitey.”

“Yea man, I know how you feel. The little town that I live in which is in Utah is 98% white at least, and now we have these blacks being moved here . Im not saying all of them, but the majority of them are low life druggie criminals who live off of welfare. I would also like to know what to do.”

and more

“There can be no confusion as to what to do concerning these negro beasts, these savage rapists who defile our young with inhuman brutality, put them up against the wall and put a bullet in their head. If they were to even touch my daughter they would be decapitated and hung by the feet off the corner streetlight for all to see, we cannot give any quarter to these predators, violent savage beasts, thrust upon us, dispose of them like the trash they are.”

White Community: Helping the Forgotten Victims of Katrina

and more

“In order to keep everybody here well informed and prepared on where all the negros be headed and endin’up as a result of bussing them around the country, I think it would be a good idea to have a thread listing just where they are being accepted…by stupid mayors and their ilk. I imagine it to be more widespread than we are being told and I don’t trust the local media outlets to be very eager to let us know about it, lest it result in racial discord. As far as I know there aren’t any here yet in NE PA.”

“So far none here in north Indiana, coons don’t like the cold. I’m buying some guns to prepare myself for them, I’m sure some will make it up here.”

“115 due to land in Tucson this morning! Time to print out my listing of the dangers these negroes will face in this area of the Sonoran Desert and infiltrate the leaflets in their Welcome Wagon handouts.”

“Unless these niggers get krystaaal and fried chicken, they will start rioting and raping whites. If they do get their demands, they will still rape and kill, just not riot as much.”

The real humanity: Edgar Hollingsworth, 74, is lifted onto an ambulance gurney in front of his home in New Orleans, found unconscious and emaciated 16 days after Katrina.(photo: Bruce Chambers)

Blender Coturnix noted in the comments that Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon has an excellent, eloquent piece up on Alternet, “The Shame of Blaming the Victims” that you should definitely check out.

Thanks to Blender Cat for the pointer.

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