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Homo witch hunt by the Vatican could blow up in Ratzi's face

“Why stop at seminaries? Why not deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals? Are they going to be asked if they are homosexuals and if they are, be forced to resign their positions?” he said. “If that happens, there will be many empty offices, many empty parishes and many empty sees.”
— anonymous priest on the “inspections” ordered by Pope Benedict

Via PageOneQ, the Chicago Sun-Times has another piece on the Vatican’s “investigation” of seminaries to uncover homosexual activity. Basically, Pope Ratzi is doing a census to see whether the homo purge throughout the church is going to leave him high and dry of warm bodies. One can only hope that this purge nonsense will backfire.

While some church leaders insist the visitations are meant to examine how well priests are being trained spiritually and intellectually, others say the inspections are a thinly veiled attempt to root out homosexuals in the clergy.

“They are basically checking to see if we are in compliance with what the church has asked us to do,” said the Rev. Thomas Baima, provost of Mundelein Seminary at the University of St. Mary of the Lake, the largest seminary in the United States. Nine “apostolic visitors” are to begin their examination of Mundelein’s 205 seminarians and 40 faculty members the first week of October. The visitors will also interview about 100 men who have graduated from Mundelein in the past three years, Baima said. “The issue is, if we’re training men for chaste celibacy, we want to make sure there’s no sexual activity going on at all.”

…It is not known what the rumored Vatican document will say, but some observers see hints in comments made recently by Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, the American prelate who is coordinating the apostolic visitations for the Vatican. “Anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity, or has strong homosexual inclinations, would be best not to apply to a seminary and not to be accepted into a seminary,” even if the man has been celibate for more than a decade, O’Brien told the National Catholic Register.

Such remarks belie the true intent of the apostolic visits, according to one Chicago-area Catholic priest who is gay. “Flying in the face of reality and scientific evidence, rather than dealing with the real issue of psychic immaturity in priests who are either gay or straight — which is clearly the problem for pedophiles . . . — they are going on a witch hunt to get rid of all the gays,” said the priest, who requested anonymity. “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.”

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