I Am Karl Rove’s Bitch

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Karl Rove takes a manly grip on the shrivelled scrotal sack of Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams and gives him a sharp and painful tug just to let him know who is calling the shots:

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove personally called the Texas secretary of state about a newspaper story quoting a staff lawyer about whether Mr. Rove was eligible to vote in the state.

The lawyer was subsequently fired.

Secretary of State Roger Williams said that he decided to dismiss the lawyer after talking with Mr. Rove but that the White House adviser didn’t request that he do so.

“Absolutely not,” said Mr. Williams, a longtime supporter of President Bush and a major GOP fundraiser.

“Karl called me. He had read the article and wanted to know if it was our stance” that his voter registration status in Texas might be in jeopardy, he said. “I told him it wasn’t and that the person who gave that opinion was not authorized to do so.”

The call to Mr. Williams came at the height of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, the weekend after the storm struck. Mr. Rove was involved in the early White House response and subsequently has been a leader in the federal government’s reconstruction effort.

Elizabeth Reyes, 30, was terminated Sept. 6 after being quoted in The Washington Post three days earlier saying it was potential vote fraud to register in a place where you don’t actually live.

Ms. Reyes said that she was answering a hypothetical question, that she didn’t know she talking with a reporter and that Mr. Rove’s name never came up. The Post acknowledged that Mr. Rove’s name was not mentioned but said the reporter did identify herself as working for the newspaper.

Ms. Reyes said she was told she was being terminated for violating an agency policy against talking to the media.

Scott Haywood, a spokesman for the secretary of state, said employees may take “routine press calls” but must refer media inquires to the communications director if they involve “controversial matters” or an opinion or interpretation of agency policy.

Mr. Williams, asked about the reasons for Ms. Reyes’ dismissal, said: “That’s a personnel matter. I don’t really want to discuss it.”

Link via Josh Marshall.

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