One played a stoner…the other was one.

Michelle Malkin gets her panties (which are white, dammit! White! White! White! Perfect all-American white!) in a bunch over the picture of President Pee-Pee Dance requesting permission to go to the boys room.

Stupidest. Media-manufactured. Non-scandalette. Possibly ever.

Not that anyone ever said it was a scandal. We just thought it was kind of funny, but Michelle knows that the Steely-Eyed Micturating Man absolutely does not pee or poop, much less rub his musk gland against the White House furniture, so it just seems scandalous.

Meanwhile, speaking of “stupid” and “media-manufactured” she saw no reason to not post this picture of Sean Penn because it was funny to her in that constricted crazy-sounding tittering-laugh kind of way that passes for Conservative humor what with it’s “lol”‘s and “sprayed coke/coffee/metamucil on my keyboard” drollery.

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