From Plame Game to Blame Game

As I pointed out yesterday morning, I was surprised to see that George Bush (squinty guy, rolled-up sleeves, kinda slow…that guy) had assigned the Great Southern Reconstruction v2.0 to political advisor/ homunculus Karl Rove, which Josh Marshall covers here.

I guess it works this way:

A) Karl Rove is responsible for the rebuilding the south.
B) Peter Patrick Fitzgerald is investigating Karl Rove
C) If Rove is indicted, which seems all too certain, this will affect the ongoing rebuilding efforts
D) Poor people and African-Americans will be adversely affected.
E) Therefore Peter Fitzgerald hates poor people and African-Americans
F) And Karl Rove is a saint who only lives to serve man.

…or something like that.

You have to give them credit for consistency in that they have again chosen inner circle over experience. In the Bush Administration you don’t need experience or a solid background to take on any job as long as you exibit the correct ideology. You’re a National Security Advisor whose specialty is a country that doesn’t exist anymore? What could go wrong? Don’t know anything about emrgency services? So what? Take a seat at FEMA. The Pentagon tells you that you need more forces on the ground to invade Iraq and different armor to protect them? What do those staff pukes know? Morning after pill? Intelligent Design? Global Warming? Science is soooo overrated.

Absolute certainty trumps reality everytime. Or hadn’t you noticed?

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