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AFA wingnut: homo students are 'setting up' the schools

American Family Association state director Scott Lively sees a gay conspiracy.

It’s “social engineering through activism,” according to this bible-beating attorney. Homos are “forcing schools” via lawsuit to adopt anti-discrimination policies. Yes, all those kids getting abused and discriminated against must have paid those folks to beat the crap out of them and piss in their bookbags to help them push the homo agenda in the schools. Right.

Scott Lively is a Christian attorney in nearby Temecula (CA). He says he has noticed a trend during his years of following lawsuits filed by homosexual students against schools. The trend, he says, shows that the students typically set up schools for litigation by intentionally behaving provocatively on campus. This, Lively contends, creates a no-lose situation for the homosexual students.

“They either win and usually get a settlement from the school,” the attorney says, “or even if the gay and lesbian students don’t win, they create a lot of pain for the school officials who have to deal with the lawsuit.” According to Lively, such cases rarely ever make it to trial because schools will “cave in and give … a fairly sizable award.” He adds that “there’s nothing schools fear more than litigation.”

In a very real sense, he says, the homosexual students are “setting up” the school. “They’ll file a complaint with the school saying that they’re being harassed, somebody’s calling them names, or whatever; they’ll make several complaints,” he explains. “Then they’ll file a lawsuit alleging that the school is not doing enough to protect the gay and lesbian students from harassment.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding