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House Blender Chris wants to remind folks that there is still time to let the Governator know how you feel about the marriage proposal passed by the California legislature that he plans to veto in a little over a week when it will reach his desk.

At a Equality California meeting last night I learned of a website that’s just been started,, dedicated to posting the letters of protest that people are writing to the Governator. Thought I’d let you know, if you want to spread the word. There are only a few letters on there currently.

He’s made his statements about the “will of the people”. Well, I’m trying to find everything I can do to take advantage of the ten days remaining before it lands on his desk to encourage those people to speak, and spreading the word about this site seems like a good idea.

There’s incentive to do so, as the Freepi are just sitting pretty (while simultaneouly as dumb as rocks) over this.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Arnold won’t mess with these girly-men. They delude themselves thinking leaving it to the last minute will change his mind. I love the smell of VETO’s in the morning.”

“You mean he hasn’t done it yet? Can’t find his pen or something?”

“They’re sure afraid to send it to his desk, that’s a good sign, unless his wife and her family hide his pen..”

“They are democrats. They don’t respect the laws of the state, which allow the governor to veto. So they are holding up their own bill for as long as they can before sending it to him, in the hopes that in the meantime they can persuade him to change his mind. Of course, if he left the state for a minute, the lt. Governor would take over and they’d send the bill and sign it. I note the story didn’t seem to say that, maybe they are hoping Arnold doesn’t know this. (I presume this is still true in California). Anybody know if Arnold had any important scheduled appearances in other states in the next week?”

“You know, Arnold will actually be doing the Gay Rights activists a favor: by vetoing the bill, he’ll prevent the public backlash that would probably result in consequences that gays wouldn’t like very much at all.”

“by vetoing the bill, he’ll prevent the public backlash that would probably result in consequences that gays wouldn’t like very much at all. It wasn’t vetoed in Massachusetts and there wasn’t a backlash, they just started handing out sodo-marriage license and pro homo “diversity” literature to the grade schoolers.”

“LOL!!!!! The sniveling homosexual activists are enraged!”

“I don’t think Arnie is going to change his mind about the veto. He knows how we voted, and he knows how he got elected.”

“Hope he holds to his campaign promises. The sodomy lobby wants to overturn the will of the people and I can guarantee you they voted for Ahnuuld because he said he wouldn’t pass such trash.”

“I’m glad Texas only lets legislators meet for 140 days every two years.”

“I hear that. They still manage to foul things up!”

“Sometimes, but we don’t have to worry about the governor being out of state when a bill gets passed by the legislature and the lieutenant governor gets ot sign legislation.”

“Why? The Arnoldbots said all social issues were “irrevelant” in California and the ONLY important thing is that Ahnuld will magically “bring the buisnesses back” and “deliever” the state to other Republicans. ::snickers::”

How come he hasn’t signed it yet? What’s holding it up? anyone know? Seriously does anyone know. No jokes or remarks welcome.”

“If you had read the article you would know that he cannot veto the bill until it is physically in his possession, and they are delaying sending it to him until the Sept. 23 deadline, just for that reason.”

“Details, details… (ready to receive dunce cap)”

“It wasn’t vetoed in Massachusetts because no law was passed. Nothing to veto. Four activist judges made a law and the slack-jawed solons in the legislature (and the governor) allowed them to do so…”

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