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AmTaliban: fast food ads full of perversion

“Coq Roq” sells hard-ons with its chicken, says the American Family Association.

Truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to big-time AgapePress wingnuttery. There’s no point in making sh*t up anymore.

First of all, this is a dumb ad campaign by Burger King — look at that picture up there. A fake metal band to shill your chicken fries — come on. Who thought up this campaign to reel in hungry teen guys? And then to have the wingers get inflamed over it is just over the top.

Apparently Burger King thinks vulgarity sells hamburgers. At least that’s the message that visitors to its “Coq Roq ” website would assume.

“Coq Roq” is a fictional heavy metal band created by Burger King as an advertising gimmick to reach young people. The website has sample music — with lyrics that promote Burger King’s new chicken fries — and brief biographies for the band’s members. As of July 26, according to, the site also contained photographs with captions that were obviously meant to be taken as sexual double entendres. One photo, for example, showed a group of young ladies who are apparently enthusiasts for Coq Roq, with the caption: “Groupies love Coq.”

…The vulgar campaign follows on the heels of a similarly sexed-up ad push by CK Enterprises, which owns the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s hamburger chains. That company ran a TV ad containing “a bump-and-grind car wash by bad-girl heiress Paris Hilton,” said USA Today. “In a sexy black swimsuit, she seductively washes down a Bentley and herself, working up an appetite for a Spicy BBQ sandwich.”

A spokesman for the American Family Association wonders why fast-food chains are taking this approach in their advertising. “What is it with these hamburger chains? Are they so desperate to pump up lagging sales that they’re resorting to vulgarity and strip teases to gain attention?” asks AFA’s director of special projects Randy Sharp, who has followed both ad campaigns. “It’s like Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and Burger King have perverted seventh-grade boys running their ad campaigns.”

Carl’s Jr. spokesman Brad Haley defended the Hilton ad against criticism, claiming, “This is exactly what [young guys] respond to.

See my earlier post on the AFA’s campaign against the bony-*ss Paris Hilton ad.

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