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A Rabbi tosses in his two cents on Katrina as a moral "cleanser"

Another religious leader jumps on the bigot bandwagon? Good grief. Hand in hand with the rest of the AmTaliban.

An Orthodox Jewish rabbi contends Hurricane Katrina may have been an act of God’s judgment for rampant sin in America. Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Jews for Morality believes some parallels can be drawn between the flooding of New Orleans and the biblical flood in Noah’s day.

Levin, a vocal leader in the pro-family movement, asserts that God does not visit significant calamities or punishments on the world in a merely coincidental way. According to Levin, although people may never completely know what God had in mind with Hurricane Katrina, he still judges sin. Also, the rabbi points out that a horrified public saw “in the aftermath of the flood that there was a significant amount of sexual crime, rape going on there. We know the Days of Decadence immorality, homosexual immorality — they were expecting at least 125,000 people literally at the time that the flood struck. I mean, I don’t think it takes a spiritual rocket scientist to make the connection.” But while some Jewish leaders have suggested that God may have sent Katrina to punish the U.S. for urging the evacuation of thousands of Jewish settlers from their land in Gaza, Levin is quick to dismiss that notion. Although there were many reports of violence and depravity in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Levin notes, “We can understand that that sort of represents some of the worst attributes — or aspects, I should say –of America, and it’s definitely something to be very introspective and repentant about.”

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