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Wha… wha… what!?! Bush takes responsibility for Katrina failures?!?

Oh my non-existant Supreme Deity, did Bush just do the impossible?

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — President Bush on Tuesday said he takes responsibility for the federal government’s failures in responding to Hurricane Katrina.

“Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government and to the extent the federal government didn’t fully do its job right, I take responsibility,” Bush said during a joint news conference with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

You don’t suppose that has anything to do with this, now, does it?

(CNN) — A majority of Americans surveyed in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday said they disapproved of President Bush’s handling of the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Conducted September 8-11, the poll said 54 percent of respondents expressed disapproval of Bush’s handling of the crisis, compared to 43 percent who said they approved.

Seventy percent of respondents said they favored forming an independent panel to study the government response to the storm.

Fifty-five percent said Bush’s initial response was poor and 44 percent said it was good.

Almost two-thirds of respondents (63 percent) said that federal agencies did a poor job and 36 percent said their initial response was good.

Fifty-nine percent said state and local officials’ initial response was poor, while 38 percent said it was good.

The poll also shows that people feel the response now by the feds is good, but no one can forget our cowboy president playing guitar while New Orleans drowned.

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