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Eleven Children Found Caged in Ohio Home

Yes, it’s another depraved, straight couple, torturing their adoptive and foster children, this time in Ohio. These children were treated worse than animals. How does any of this make sense — children have the right to live and grow in a loving home. The parents’ orientation has nothing to do with whether they are fit to care for a child, as we see here.

Sheriff’s deputies removed 11 children from a home where they were locked in cages less than 3 1/2 feet high, authorities said.

The children’s adoptive and foster parents, Mike and Sharen Gravelle, denied that they’d abused or neglected the children during a custody hearing Monday in Huron County. No charges had been filed as of Monday night. “The impression that we got was that they felt it was OK,” said Lt. Randy Sommers of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

The Gravelles said a psychiatrist recommended they make the children — ages 1 to 14, with conditions that included autism and fetal alcohol syndrome — sleep in the cages at night. The cages were stacked in bedrooms on the second floor of their house, said prosecutor Russell Leffler, who was reviewing the case.

The children were found by a children’s services investigator on Friday when he stopped by the Gravelles’ home outside Wakeman, about 50 miles west of Cleveland. Deputies returned to the house that evening.

Some of the cages were rigged with alarms, Sommers said; others had heavy furniture blocking their doors. The children didn’t have blankets or pillows.

One of the boys said he’d slept in the cage for three years, Sommers said.

Unfortunately, too many states are moving to prevent sane gays and lesbians from adopting and fostering – yet this goes on (remember John and Linda Dollar?). It makes you sick.

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Pam Spaulding