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Bush 'takes responsibility,' Freepers are listless

They are licking their festering wounds in Freeperland. The man that could never make a mistake, let alone admit to one finally says he f*cked up with the Katrina aftermath. Some want the blame laid elsewhere, others are glad and want to leave it all behind. Like we’re going to let up on the bastard? No chance.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“too little waaaay too late! You accepted responsibility for a disaster that was not the Feds fault! The pooch has been screwed!”

“He is a true leader who accepted any failure for the federal government no matter how little it is, and it is very little compared to the real screw up of state and local government. The majority of people already know this fact and only the extremely rabid Bush haters are blaming him for the hurricane problems. PS: You do not have to watch President Bush address to the nation next Thursday which I think it is a great PR move. You can watch wrestling which I think fit you mentality.”

“Ordinarily I wouldn’t want this to happen, but knowing how the MSM hates him and holw disrespectful they’re likely to be in their accusations I think that W. will come away from this press conference vindicated and appreciated by the American people. Most folks are smart enough to know that this current round of Bush bashing is just more of the same from rabid ‘Rats and a complicit MSM.”

“You’ve got an incompetent Louisiana governor and N’awlins mayor and W claims he screwed up??? Well, nothing like giving the ‘Rats someone to blame! “Hey, Bush admits it!” “It’s Bush’s fault!” gezzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

“Pres. Bush should simply get up and read from Mark Steyn’s column that appeared yesterday.”

“Here is what I don’t want.I don’t want some maudlin drivel about rebuilding that God forsaken sewer. That place is beyond repair and you can’t do it without bankrupting the nation. I want no tax increase at all.NONE. If you choose to live below sea level–You suffer the consequences–not me.”

“Jeebus, did he move down there or something?”

“This is 2 weeks too late. On top of his stunningly stupid admission of “responsibility” for the blunders, the President has sunk himself in all of this. I know he only accepted responsibility for the federal side of things, but that is not how the mainstream media, the common idiot, or the Democrat Party will see it. The President’s handling of this whole thing from a communication aspect has been horrendous.”

“I think I know how this will play out. Bush accepts responsibility for the federal government’ “slow response”. The MSM headlines “Bush Admits Mistake”. The same federal government rebuilds New Orleans in record time, there are far fewer deaths than predicted, Mardis Gras is held as scheduled and the MSM headlines read: “Bush’s Mistake Corrected in Record Time.””

“The same federal government rebuilds New Orleans in record time”

“rebuild on what? ROFLMAO they don’t print enough Ben Franklins for me to move in there! And it would be criminal to allow anyone to attempt to build in that mess! why hell even if you were to construct a whole new levee system, it wouldn’t take but one terrorist and one explosive device and you’d have the whole mess all over again and again and again! Enough already, they should have moved the city after the 1927 flood for pete’s sake!”


“I do not like this move because now the Libs will be yelling for Impeachment based off of this. The Republicans in congress will probably implode since they have no back bone, and act as if they are in the minority. I just do not see what Bush did wrong. I see plenty of what the Governor and Mayor did wrong. I just do not like this move.”

“Saw a bumper sticker today produced by an anti-Bush outfit– Incompetence Kills.

That’s the strategy–all-out attack blaming everything on Bush. They have to do it that way to prevent blame from being placed where it belongs, at the feet of Blanco and Nagin.”

“Yup—I can see the Dems tshirts now…a picture of Bush saying ‘I admit it—it’s my fault all those people died”.Just great…..”

“This action by President Bush, taking responsibility for the departments he controls, is exactly what one should expect of a top executive and honorable person. It makes Blanco and Nagin look sooooooo tiny. Those two are at risk of being squashed like bugs in comparison.”

“I agree that this was smart…but also honest. When a person runs for the highest office in the Federal Government, they also are “responsible” for what happens within that Government. Admitting responsibility is easy for this honest man, because he knows that he IS responsible. This is not the same as “at fault”. Also, I believe this absolutely rips the rug out from under most of the bashers.”

“Seems a guy named Michael Brown just said that and he is … wait a minute! Where is he?”

“Bush has jumped the shark…”

“Well, maybe he jumped it before but this was a blunder too. MSM, dems, and Louisiana officials have struggled ardently to keep this a totally federal blunder. That in the context where FEMA’s PR before and after the cane portrayed themselves as supermen of sorts. Now the refrain “Bush’s Fault” has been legitimized from his own mouth. Another Rove idea? He could have said “It’s my responsibility to correct the errors and fire people…” He didn’t.

“I am just waiting for the MSM to call for impeachment. You know its coming…”

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