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Winger is mad at Sam's Club over booze

Arkansas State Senator Jim Holt is SHOCKED the “family friendly” shopping club sells liquor.

The AmTaliban doesn’t seem to worry about Walmart/Sam’s reputation for working folks off the clock, sexual discrimination, or forcing the lowest paid workers to get health care through the emergency room. The wingers are worried that Sam’s is selling booze.

An Arkansas state lawmaker is concerned that retail giant Wal-Mart, despite its pro-family image, has no problem selling hard liquor in many of its Sam’s Club Stores. Republican Senator Jim Holt represents a district that is adjacent to the one that houses the world headquarters of Wal-Mart. He believes the retailer has abandoned the intent of its founder, Sam Walton, by putting liquor stores in Sam’s Club locations where local statutes permit. “When Sam Walton was alive, this was not to be,” Holt says, “and if you go on Wal-Mart’s website, they say the same thing — that they are a family-run business. I’ve never seen family values in a bottle.” But the company’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Bob McAdam, says the Sam’s Club stores are only responding to customers’ desires. “We don’t take a position whether alcohol is good or bad,” McAdam insists. “As we do with every other product, our job is to provide what the customers seem to want. So where it’s permissible under local and state laws, we will sell alcohol,” he says, “and we do today in literally thousands of locations across the country.”

Holt is unhappy with the policy and he suspects Wal-Mart will use its clout to expand the number of Sam’s Club liquor outlets in Arkansas. “Sam’s is trying to get hard liquor in every one of their stores that are supposed to be family-friendly,” the Senator says. “Apparently they found a cash cow that they like,” Holt adds, “and we’re dealing with the world’s largest retailer. I guess their philosophy is, ‘We just need another dollar.'”

On that last point, the right wing is just getting around to noticing Walmart is all about the freaking Benjamins?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding