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Want to take a dip in the waters of NOLA?

Contamination little threat to humans, but could destroy lawns. The Bush EPA goons don’t waste their time. Did I not just post about this crap last night (“NOLA’s going to be unsafe for a decade because of toxic environment”)? The government’s history of not revealing the toxicity of areas — like the WTC site — is standard operating procedure. Read this bullsh*t:

New test results released by the federal Environmental Protection Agency Sunday evening confirm that toxic chemicals contained in floodwaters in New Orleans and Metairie are in concentrations too small to be an immediate threat to humans.

But so much saltwater has entered the city that it could be very difficult to grow a lawn for a very long time, according to Wilma Subra, an independent chemist from New Iberia who often advises environmental groups.

The federal agency collected water samples from six locations on the east bank of Orleans and Jefferson parishes on Sept. 3, five days after Hurricane Katrina decimated the area. As it reported last Wednesday, EPA found very high levels of lead in water sampled at the North Claiborne Avenue exit off Interstate 10 in New Orleans. The 846 parts per billion of lead far exceeds the agency’s 15 ppb standard for drinking water.

…Subra said that while the small amounts of toxic chemicals might pose no immediate risk, lengthy exposure could be a problem. And she said the test results could be an indicator that much higher amounts of some of the chemicals that don’t mix well with water could be found in the muddy remains when the floodwaters are pumped out of the city.

Any of you want to take a swig or a dip in there?

Thanks to Blender Paul for the pointer.

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