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ConvergeSouth blogging conference to be held in Greensboro

In what has to be the worst timing ever, I’m not going to be able to get to the ConvergeSouth bloggers conference October 7 & 8. It looks like a blast.

A group of Greensboro volunteers recently announced that Greensboro has organized to host the inaugural year’s edition of ConvergeSouth, the South’s first free conference focused on moving North Carolina toward breakthroughs in creativity and diversity on the Internet. Exploring the digital revolution in publishing and expression, ConvergeSouth focuses on radical digital publishing and entertainment. A two-day event on the campus of historic NC A&T; State University, ConvergeSouth will focus on journalism and multimedia “web blogging” for everyone. Additional ConvergeSouth features include a nationally-known keynote speaker, multimedia and music in multiple downtown venues to which the entire community is invited.

Some big names will be there, the one recognizable to most of you is Duncan Black (Atrios). It looks like a good mix of local (NC) bloggers will attend, some fairly well known, certainly more so than yours truly, and many more just checking out this thing called blogging.

The reason I won’t be able to go is that I’m traveling to Asheville to receive an award for an organization I used to volunteer for. [I can’t say much more than that since the award has not yet been publicly announced.]

Thanks, southernrants for the heads up.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding