He’ll read about it in the paper in a few days…

With great power comes great—-wait. I did what?

The sad thing is he could probably tell you exactly how many games the Rangers are out of first (12) but not what the hell is going on in the country he’s supposed to be running.

(Added): Oh jeez, it just gets better:

As to the exit of Mr. Brown, who knows how many of the millions of Americans directly or indirectly touched by Hurricane Katrina probably had the identical thought when he quit his post this afternoon: Namely, that he was no doubt already updating his padded resume.

And his departure was not even unattended by confusion. In Brown’s statement, he wrote, “As I told the President, it is important that I leave now.” But when first asked about it during his tour of Mississippi, Mr. Bush said he had no details, hadn’t talked to Brown or Homeland Security chief Chertoff, and, “maybe you know something I don’t know.” Later, press secretary Scott McClellan said that the President had already known about the resignation — he just hadn’t known that it had been made public.

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