Good career move for Allbaugh
Not so much for dead people in Louisiana

What a win-win for Joe Allbaugh. He get’s his loser roommate a good gig with the government…and then cashes in when the doofus crashes and burns on the job:

Last week FEMA gave out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts to engineering and construction firms to build an estimated 300,000 temporary housing units. Those contracts were awarded without competition under rules that allow agencies to bypass normal procedures during an emergency. Several went to companies that have been major financial supporters of the Bush administration. One firm , Shaw Group Inc., of Baton Rouge, is on the client list of lobbyist and former FEMA director Joe M. Allbaugh, though he has said he does not get involved with contracts.

Shaw also was picked last week by the Corps for a $100 million contract, with one of its first tasks to pump floodwater out of New Orleans. The agency contacted two other companies to generate competition for the work, a Corps contracting official said yesterday, but only Shaw responded.

Well, since Allbaugh doesn’t get involved in contracts he’s probably pretty much out of the loop on this one. I believe that.

I really do.

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