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Well, it’s good to be back, so let’s jump right into the swill. That would be the serial masturbators over at Power Line who, using their amazing powers of persuasion gleaned from years of convincing hookers to give professional courtesy discounts, set out to convince us that we shouldn’t take Mary Landrieu seriously because:

A) She speaks with an accent
B) Her family is in poltics which is a sign of corruption unlike one of our other political dynasties.
C) John Hinderaker no longer finds her jerk-offable.

But here, let them tell their sad story:

Ian Schwartz of The Political Teen has posted the amazing interview of Senator Mary Landrieu by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning (accessible here). You have to see it to believe it. She seems to accentuate her drawl as the interview progresses and she digs herself in deeper. What a hack. Is there any chance she can be evacuated from Washington? (Courtesy of Instapundit.)

The ROCKET adds: Mary Landrieu has gone stark raving mad. It’s funny, though, how seldom these MSM interviewers ask her about the fact that her brother is the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. Plus, of course, her father was the Mayor of New Orleans. Can anyone say “corrupt oligarchy”? Another time, that would be a topic of interest to the MSM, but not now, when they are hunting bigger game.

My usual philosophy is, “Never give an inch.” But this time, I’m ready to recant, even to apologize. For I once referred to Ms. Landrieu as “somewhat fetching.” I take it all back; she is fetching no longer. To understand the context of my misguided semi-compliment, search our site for “Mary Landrieu nude.” Really.

To which we reply: ew.

Time Magazine wanted their award back but, well….that’s okay. You guys keep it. No. Really. It’s okay…


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