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A black homo-bigot pastor spews, and Rick Perry does nothing

Texas Governor Rick Perry opened his state to Katrina victims. Presumably some of them were gay. I guess it’s A-OK with him that one of Bush’s homo-bigoted black pastors, Rev. Dwight McKissic, of Arlington’s Cornerstone Baptist Church, got up and unleashed one of those “blame gays for Katrina” diatribes at public events Perry attended, tying the fate of the whole Gulf region to “decadent” New Orleans and the homos:

“They have devil worship. They advertise ‘Sin City’ tours. They celebrate Southern decadence. Girls go wild in New Orleans. Sometimes God does not speak through natural phenomena. This may have nothing to do with God being offended by homosexuality. But possibly it does.”

Rick didn’t object. As I posted earlier this week, most of the homo-bigot pastors have been MIA on Katrina, including McKissic. I’m glad to see he’s stirred up the hornet’s nest with some in-character commentary that exposes this faith-based pig at the taxpayer trough for who he is — what a compassionate conservative. (Austin American-Statesman):

Gov. Rick Perry spoke at two private events this week where a Texas minister wondered if God sent Hurricane Katrina to purify the nation of sins, including homosexuality. The GOP leader didn’t object at the gatherings in San Antonio and Houston on Thursday.

Gubernatorial spokesman Robert Black, contacted Friday, said: “The governor does not agree with that. But far be it for the governor to try to divine the will of the Almighty. Americans of all faiths need to come together at this point in time to help the victims of this tragedy,” he said. Black said Perry speaks at hundreds of events annually and “sure doesn’t do public critiques of what every speaker says.” [Come on, McKissic’s remarks are outrageous; there is no excuse not to respond to such hateful sh*t — unless you agree with it.]

The Rev. Dwight McKissic, organizing pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, said he asked only if God sent the hurricane “to purify our nation.”

Perry and McKissic addressed the Texas Restoration Project, which seeks to register 300,000 voters. [Do you think they hope to add the new settlers to the GOP rolls?]

…One of the attendees, the Rev. Don Wilkey of Onalaska, on Lake Livingston in East Texas, said the comments offended him, especially at a Christian gathering. The Rev. Laurence White of Houston, the project’s chairman, said McKissic did not reflect the project’s position. McKissic said his remarks didn’t attack evacuees. His church has committed $200,000 to help victims pay a month’s rent, he said.

It’s not as if Rick Perry needs to hide his views on gays and lesbians and the marriage amendment that will be on the ballot in his state this year…

I love running this picture and quote. Remember Perry’s godawful bullsh*t back in June? Fastidious Rick would like to ship all the gay folks out of the Lone Star State.

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