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WingNut Daily boob: Katrina victims = doomed fetuses

Good grief. This is an imitation of a bad lesbian hairdo from the past.

WorldNetDaily columnist Kelly Hollowell, is “a scientist, patent attorney and adjunct law professor of bioethics.” She is also a senior strategist for the Center for Reclaiming America, a conference speaker and founder of Science Ministries Inc..

1. Center for Reclaiming America is an outfit run by D. James Kennedy, of Coral Ridge Ministries “for the purpose of mobilizing America’s Christians at the grassroots level…As a means to accomplish this mission, the CENTER focuses on five key fronts of the modern-day culture war: (1) Religious Liberties, (2) the Sanctity of Life, (3) the Homosexual Agenda, (4) Pornography, and (5) Promoting Creationism. ” That says it all.

2. Science Ministries is practically the Flat Earth Society. “The mission of SMI is to tell unbelievers of Jesus Christ by attesting to the intellectual integrity of the Bible and the logic of Christian morality on issues of science and technology. It was Kepler who said the study of science was ‘thinking God’s thought after Him.'”

That sets the stage for you — there’s wingnuttery ahead.

Holloway’s meandering editorial manages to fling together Katrina, abortion and the Supreme Court vacancies like a tossed salad. You can go read the whole thing, but I pulled out the part that made me scratch my head. Why does the AmTaliban have to make such desperate connections to Katrina? It has been a big stretch for most sane people to read through all the apocalyptic “New Orleans was depraved and it deserved it” weirdos, so I guess Kelly should get props for originallty.

What strikes me hardest?

It will come as no surprise to regular readers. It is the plight of the children: disoriented, afraid, separated from their parents and hungry. This is an obvious and great concern to many people. For me, it also kindled a reminder of another great and not-so-obvious crisis.

The reminder came when Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera showed the nation through a television camera a very young baby that hadn’t eaten in days. His goal was to awaken authorities to the unimaginable human suffering of Katrina’s victims. His heart-wrenching plea was answered by authorities but also by an unbelievable publicity stunt by Planned Parenthood, which said it would “help” hurricane victims by dispensing abortion pills. [This is just pandering and stupid; I’ll post PP’s statement on Katrina aid below.]

From that moment forward, I continue to see not only the devastation left by Katrina in its stark reality but also through the lens of the abortion crisis in America. That’s because babies such as the one held before the camera lens of Americans by Geraldo are no different than those still in the womb.

So now in every camera shot of those suffering, dead or dying; every broken bone, open wound and cry of desperation; every silent body lying on the street, floating in the water or crouched in a corner of some dark attic; every reaching hand that found no one to take hold, help or protect them from the dark night of death, I also see an unborn victim suffocated, burned, mangled or dismembered inside the womb.

This woman need some meds, badly. Here is what is on the Planned Parenthood web site, which hardly sounds like a free-for-all abortion party:

Planned Parenthood clinics in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and in other affected areas, are doing everything possible to attend to the needs of patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Help the surviving Planned Parenthood affiliates and health centers in these states remain open to serve patients that are most in need at this critical time. Your tax-deductible contribution will help Planned Parenthood affiliates and health centers in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and in other affected areas. 100% of your gift will go directly to the Planned Parenthood affiliates and health centers in that region so that they can serve women and families who have nowhere else to turn.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding