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Mike Tidmus on Iran executing gays

Mike Tidmus puts the spotlight on the government of Iran, which has been putting gays to death on a regular basis for the most flimsy reasons — and these human rights violations continue to go on without much attention from the mainstream media drones.

He’s worked up some amazing art that you can put up on your blog (click the above image). Mike:

According to Iranian human rights campaigners, since 1979, when the Ayatollahs seized control of the government in Iran and declared homosexuality a capital offense, one homosexual has been put to death every 2.5 days.

Gay Iranians, now living outside Iran, say most are tried on trumped-up charges from rape, to petty theft, to drugs, to the consumption of alcohol. Most of the executions follow months or years of imprisonment, frequently accompanied by brutal floggings and torture. It’s hardly surprising that gay refugees are committing suicide rather than be returned to Iran to face torture and execution.

…A number of European countries have stopped returning gay exiles to Iran, but continue to wheel and deal with the Islamist government rather than treat it as a pariah state.

…The new face of evil in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is about to pay a visit to New York City, and nobody, aside from a handful of bloggers and dissident Iranian exiles, seems to think confronting this monster is necessary.

Go to Mike’s blog for more, including excerpts on the state of things from the perspective of the foreign press and journalists that are spreading the word. You can too by running the art on your blogs and posting on this topic.

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