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Last known out gay Bush appointee turns in resignation

The last open queer in the Bush admin? Bahahahaha.

The director of the White House AIDS office and deputy coordinator of the president’s global AIDS program, Joseph O’Neill, has stepped down. He was also the last openly-gay Bush Admin appointee (or something like that). That sure must have been one lonely club, huh?

The The Washington Blade article reports that one reason was conflict between the Bushies and O’Neill over the bogus and dangerous abstinence-only policies re: HIV prevention, but that surely cannot be the half of it, given the pressure from the AmTaliban to sweep open queers out of sight.

O’Neill was the last remaining Bush administration appointee in a high-level job who self-identified as gay. His departure has fueled speculation that he was forced to leave the administration for a variety of reasons, including opposition to gay presidential appointees by conservative religious groups and disagreements he reportedly had over the administration’s controversial “abstinence-only” policies on HIV prevention.

In a statement released to the Blade, O’Neill said he completed his most recent assignment at the White House to help the president develop a set of principles for Congress’ effort to reauthorize the Ryan White CARE Act, which provides federal AIDS funds to cities and states.

“I began my federal service to people at risk for, and living with, HIV/AIDS in 1988,” O’Neill said. “It is now time for me to spend more of my energy in the aspect of public health that I have always loved – medical practice.”

Actually the fun part of the article is the tortured description of this gay appointee’s status in the article. It refers to him as “last remaining Bush administration appointee in a high-level job who self-identified as gay.” That sets off all kinds of alarm bells, doesn’t it? You start to wonder about who is left around there that doesn’t “self-identify as gay,” but are out there trolling for sex in DC for highly guilt-ridden same-sex action, or have “roommates,” “close friends.”

I wonder if any of the rest of Jeff “Bulldog” Gannon‘s client list will ever come out? That might shed some light on the ones that don’t self-identify…

Heck, it’s pretty clear that much of gay DC knows who is in and out of the closet in the Bush Admin, but it’s a closed shop. Gay is OK, as long as the folks in the hinterlands don’t know it — especially the sheeple following the AmTaliban. Mike Rogers of BlogActive certainly has a field day outing the hypocrites (see former Congressman Ed Schrock and Ken Mehlman).

Oh wait, that’s right. Kenny just won’t admit he’s straight or gay.

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Pam Spaulding