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Chimpy's approval numbers – how low can they go?

Pretty low — 38 percent — and the dumbf*ck deserves every lost approval point. And it’s not only over Katrina.

Bush’s Job-Approval Rating Falls to Lowest of His Presidency.

President George W. Bush’s job- approval ratings fell to the lowest of his presidency in two different polls taken a week-and-a-half after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.

His rating dropped to 38 percent in the latest Newsweek Poll and to 42 percent in the Time Poll. Both figures are the lowest since Bush took office in January 2001.

… The Newsweek poll suggests that Bush’s falling ratings can be traced to more than just his performance on Katrina relief.

More Americans than not — 49 percent to 46 percent — said invading Iraq in March 2003 wasn’t the right thing to do. This was the first time that critics of the war outnumbered supporters, Newsweek said in a statement.

In addition, 69% of those surveyed in the Time poll said Bush hasn’t done much to keep gasoline prices down, and 74 percent said the president has some control over these prices.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding