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Another wingnut ties ACLU to the Homo AgendaTM

This time it’s a moron in Ohio that believes the ACLU is aiding us in creating “pro-homosexual” activists in schools, and wants to use “abstinence-only” education policies as a tool to ban Gay Straight Alliance clubs. It should also be mentioned that Linda P. Harvey is also the author of the gripping article. Heresy in the Hood II: Witchcraft among Children and Teens in America.(AgapePress):

An Ohio pro-family activist warns that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is disseminating information in an effort that is creating confrontational pro-homosexual student activists. A website for the organization’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Project offers students a “Know Your Rights” card and refers to laws that purportedly protect homosexual behavior.

But Linda Harvey, head of the conservative group Mission America, contends that the information the ACLU’s homosexual rights advocates are providing through the site is somewhat distorted. “They say, for instance, that you have a federal constitutional right to express your sexual orientation,” she notes. “I don’t think that exists, unless I’m misinformed. I don’t see that anywhere in our Constitution.”

Harvey feels the ACLU is putting such information in the hands of students with a deliberate purpose. “What they’re doing is … creating a situation where students are going to be confrontational, and most school boards and schools in this country are not prepared to deal with this,” she asserts.

The pro-family spokeswoman believes the ACLU, in its effort to educate homosexual students of these so-called “rights,” is setting up a situation in which the civil liberties organization can sue a school on behalf of a student who does not get what he or she wants at school. [Say, a safe space where they won’t get the crap beaten out of them or to stop students from urinating in their bookbags, maybe?]

Meanwhile, she points out, as another part of its Lesbian and Gay Rights Project, the ACLU is encouraging homosexual students to establish “Gay Straight Alliance” (GSA) clubs, wear homosexual-themed t-shirts, and promote “gay pride” on campus. However, Harvey says schools can prevent the formation of such clubs if the schools do not have a non-discrimination policy that includes the term “sexual orientation.” Also, she notes that schools have another option, “if they have an abstinence-based sex education policy; they can deny these clubs.”

In that case, the Ohio family advocate points out, some investigation and documentation would be necessary for schools to make their case against the formation of student GSAs. “What [school officials] will have to do,” she explains, “is go back and research clubs in the past and find the fact that clubs really do deal with sexual matters. They say that they don’t, but they do. That would be another adequate defense.”

Harvey says since the ACLU has a myriad of resources for homosexual students yet offers none for Christian students, the group is clearly demonstrating that its commitment to diversity is phony.

She’s fixated on homosexuality generally and where it’s being “forced” into the school system a big way particularly (as if no gay kids are attending classes), having also penned:

* Homosexual Agenda Escalates in Public Schools: “In the Massachusetts town of Newton, home of homosexual congressman Barney Frank, a high school history teacher taught that Alexander the Great was a “gay” man. Other teachers in Massachusetts are building lessons around the Stonewall Inn riots in Greenwich Village in 1969, an event credited by homosexual activists with kicking off the “gay rights” movement.1 In a third grade music class in a Massachusetts town, the male teacher told the children Tchiakovsky was a homosexual, and that society’s “homophobia” prompted his suicide.”

* The Risk of ‘Gay’ Activism in Our Schools: “The Girl Scouts have allowed lesbians to be leaders in the organization for a number of years. According to one source, about one third of the staff members at the national Girl Scout office are lesbians.8 The Girl Scouts are evidently not unique among youth organizations, however. Policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” have been enacted at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Camp Fire Girls, the National 4-H Council and the YMCA Indian Guides.9

Her source, BTW, on that claim about the lesbian infiltration of the Girl Scouts, is an article at the wingnut site Cybercast News Service.

* What homosexual ‘marriage’ will mean to America’s children: Watch out, if a teacher gets married and a kid finds out, they are going to be damaged for life, because teachers will be able to “wear wedding rings, talk about their homosexual spouses with students and introduce spouses at school functions. Your little Katie will learn in kindergarten that “Mrs.” Jones is married to another “Mrs.” Jones – and that she can grow up and choose to do the same if she wishes….Expect a whole new crop of young adult novels featuring same-sex romance leading to marriage to appear instantly and be adopted just as magically by middle-school and high-school language departments throughout the U.S. Your 13-year-old Kyle will be required to read and give a book report on a novel where Bruce and Jason meet, date and get married. What won’t be covered is how Bruce and Jason split up a year later after cheating on each other dozens of times.”

I have to send you off with this unhinged column on WingNutDaily from last year on McGreevey…it’s too much!

* McGreevey is not ‘gay’: “No one is gay. McGreevey may be participating in “gay” behavior, with all the risks attendant to anal and oral sex with other males – let’s tell the truth here – but he isn’t constitutionally a human different from the other males working in those New Jersey government offices or any place else in New Jersey…What he’s done is what many, many others have done: acted on a desire for unorthodox sexual activity and decided he’s going to keep on doing it, regardless of the impact on others, or on himself…But much of the rise in homosexuality is among kids. Bisexuality, a straddling condition between two preferences, is a popular trend among our youth. Some are 17. Some, these days, are 10. It’s easy to see why impressionable kids are falling for this. It’s how they process the incessant suggestions that “You might be ‘gay.'” “

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