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School to lesbian student: stop kissing your girlfriend or get out

With all the sucking face (and more) that goes on in a high school between boys and girls, did you ever see administrators tell them transfer out because of it? Things must be quite different in Santa Ana, CA — if you’re a dyke at Santiago High School and dare show a little PDA with your girlfriend, you’re outta there. (SacUnion):

A lesbian student claims in a lawsuit that Garden Grove school officials suspended her several times and forced her to temporarily transfer to another campus because she refused their orders to stop hugging and kissing her girlfriend on school grounds.

In the federal court lawsuit filed Wednesday, 17-year-old Charlene Nguon also alleges that a school principal told her parents of her sexual orientation and disciplined her while allowing similar behavior by heterosexual couples.

Her behavior was not prohibited in the school handbook, she claims.

“It was horrible. I was discriminated against by the administrators,” said Nguon, who is represented by the ACLU and filed the suit with her mother and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network club. Alan Trudell, a spokesman for the Garden Grove Unified School District said that “the district does not engage in discriminatory practices.” He declined further comment, saying officials had not seen the lawsuit.

Nguon alleges that her grades, once straight As, fell after she was forced last March to transfer from Santiago High School to Bolsa Grande High School _ a move that increased her commute from a short walk to a 4 1/2-mile bike ride.

Unfortunately, for Principal Ben Wolf and other staff at Santiago High, all of Charlene’s accomplishments and exemplary qualities are overshadowed by one fact: that she is a lesbian,” the lawsuit alleges.

Wolf and other district officials, through Trudell, declined to comment.

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