Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton
when he comes ’round

I’m in love with this song… 

In case you hadn’t heard, Alex Chilton was rescued out of New Orleans. There were still reports floating around that he was one of the missing.

Memphian Alex Chilton, 54, the famed rock singer and guitarist who lives in New Orleans is alive and well.

Ron Easley, a friend and fellow musician who has recorded a number of albums with him, said Chilton called early Monday morning from a hotel in a city Easley would not name. He said Chilton was evacuated by helicopter from his home Sunday and later flown out of the area.

Chilton, who hadn’t been heard from since shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck, told Easley he stayed in his home the entire time and water had gotten up to his porch. Chilton said he had food and water but was most concerned during the week about roving gangs.

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