Let ’em eat pie in the sky

If it’s all the same with you God,
I’d rather have a sandwich…
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I’d like a hossanah with cheese, a side of hallelujahs, and….hmmmm. And some homily grits.

President Faith Based Dumbfuck:

The responsibility of caring for hundreds of thousands of citizens who no longer have homes is going to place many demands on our nation. We have many difficult days ahead, especially as we recover those who did not survive the storm. I’ve instructed all agencies to honor their memory by treating the dead with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Throughout our history, in times of testing, Americans have come together in prayer, to heal and ask for strength for the tasks ahead. So I’ve declared Friday, September the 16th, as a national day of prayer and remembrance. I ask that we pray as Americans have always prayed in times of trial, with confidence in his purpose, with hope for a brighter future, and with the humility to ask God to keep us strong so that we can better serve our brothers and sisters in need.

Unless they’re poor or black.

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