Photo-op Bloopers

Later, Lynne Cheney handed out
copies of her new book…

Let’s see…we need to get Dick down to the disaster area so let’s send him to New Orleans Mississippi (it’s more Republican friendly) and, well, that didn’t work out so well:

Walking a hurricane-ravaged street, Vice President Dick Cheney declared Thursday that much progress is being made in a disaster relief effort he termed “very impressive.”

Cheney’s plane took him on a course over heavily damaged houses as he arrived to this Gulf Coast town destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. After meeting with state and local officials, Cheney and his wife, Lynne, toured a particularly damaged part of the town.


While Cheney spoke, a passer-by hurled an expletive at the vice president. “First time I’ve heard it,” Cheney said, when asked if he was hearing a lot of such sentiments.

Yeah. That would be this.

Then another local chimes in:

Most the people Cheney met with were friendly. Lynne Lofton, whose house further down the street was completely destroyed, was an exception.

“I think this media opportunity today is a terrible waste of time and taxpayer money,” she said. “They’ve picked a nice neighborhood where people have insurance and most are Republicans.”

It looks like the peasants are revolting.

Dick Cheney would probably add, “Yes. They certainly are.”



Yeah. Like I would tell you....