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FEMA: the coordination of synchronized swimmers…NOT

“We called in all the available resources. They responded within 30 minutes, which is phenomenal, to meet the needs of the citizens coming in from Louisiana…unfortunately, the plane did not come in.”

— Dr. John Simkovich, director of public health for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

Right city, wrong state: FEMA accused of flying evacuees to wrong Charleston. Michael “Brownie” is running a really well-coordinated operation, isn’t he? They should have an Olympic event just for these bureaucrats with the collective mindpower of a single Freeper. (CNN):

Add geography to the growing list of FEMA fumbles.

A South Carolina health official said his colleagues scrambled Tuesday when FEMA gave only a half-hour notice to prepare for the arrival of a plane carrying as many as 180 evacuees to Charleston. But the plane, instead, landed in Charleston, West Virginia, 400 miles away.

It was not known whether arrangements have been made to care for the evacuees or transport them to the correct destination.

A call seeking comment from FEMA was not immediately returned.

Thanks to House Blender oddjob for the pointer.

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