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Bush banning media from New Orleans

[UPDATE: Call the White House, 202-456-1111, and let them know that there is still freedom of the press – there is no national security issue in this disaster — there should be nothing to hide when the goal is to seek the truth about what happened.]

This is big. I just received an email from Bob Brigham, of Operation Flashlight (its server is slammed now, so you may not get in). He went down to cover the situation in NOLA and this is what happened. The press is being sent out of NOLA.

We are in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans. At the National Guard checkpoint, they are under orders to turn away all media. All of the reporters are turning they’re TV trucks around.

Things are so bad, Bush is now censoring all reporting from NOLA. The First Amendment sank with the city.

John over at AmericaBlog has the right amount of outrage. This is war. If people don’t rise up on this one — there’s no national security interest here — our country is lost. John:

Outrageous. If you kill a couple thousand people, you definitely want to keep the media and the public from finding out.

Bush is literally trying to hide the bodies. This is beyond outrageous.

They’re trying to hide the bodies. Who the hell does Bush think he is? So much for the First Amendment, so much for the Constitution, so much for a democratic government.

Hey, Democrats, time to speak up LOUDLY. This is what military regimes do, what dictatorships do, it’s not what democracies do. We don’t hide our dead bodies in our to spare our leaders their well-due shame.

I hope the media is all over this.

Yes, has anyone heard anything about this on the newschannels?

Also: see this Reuters link to a story from a few minutes ago with the following telling quote:

“FEMA refused to take reporters and photographers along on boats seeking victims in flooded areas, saying they would take up valuable space need in the recovery effort.”

(Thanks Blender Jennifer for the heads up.]

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