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Batsh*t Pat in trouble with over 'Age Defying' diet shake

It’s the end of a long day of serious posts. I had to get this one up because it’s really out there.

Crazy “assassinate ’em” Pat Robertson could get on the scope of the IRS because of a little problem of mixing church ‘n profit, according to an evangelical church watchdog organization.

Robertson may be abusing the nonprofit status of his ministry by launching a business selling “anti-aging” milk shakes with GNC (the latter will get none of my business with this news). What kind of sleazy shill-fest is this?

Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has for years given away a recipe for his “Age Defying” diet shake. Recently, however, he partnered with General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) to market the shake. But Ole Anthony, president of the Dallas-based religious media watchdog group Trinity Foundation, says the well-known TV minister cannot legally use his nonprofit ministry to push his nutritional drink.

“This is something that’s done commonly throughout ministries,” Anthony says. Frequently, he explains, ministers will “write a book — sometimes a really bad book — but it’s promoted daily over the airtime, and they make, supposedly, royalties.”

Some of these ministers are becoming “fabulously wealthy,” the Trinity Foundation spokesman adds, “but it’s because they’re promoting it heavily on the donor-supported airtime.” In Robertson’s case, the “Age Defying” shake is also marketed on CBN’s website. The Christian broadcaster claims more than one and a half million people have requested the recipe for the diet drink.

Anthony contends that, by doing this, Pat Robertson is misusing his ministry’s tax-exempt, nonprofit status. “He created or entered into an agreement with GNC to produce the shake — Pat’s shake — for his personal profit.” Once he did that, the ministry watchdog says, “I didn’t care if he promoted his recipe that he gave away for free; but to continue to promote it, for profit for him personally, is a violation of the IRS code.”

Here’s his sleazy pitch for the free version (not the GNC premium product that he profits from) on the CBN web site:

If you’re not enticed by the shake, perhaps you might like to try some of these homemade Pat concoctions — and hey go into business with him! He’s got a vast audience of sheeple willing to shell out the buxxx.

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