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A Message From Kobe, Katie, Lucy and Boo Boo*

The Mayor of New Orleans has called for the immediate closure of the city and evacuation of all people, but animal rescue groups are still going door to door finding animals who were left there by their owners. If they are forced to evacuate too, animals who managed to survive the storm are doomed to slow dehydration and starvation.

Many people were forced to leave their pets behind because FEMA would not allow them to take them along. New Orleans residents have contacted animal rescue by the thousands, letting them know where their pets are and hoping to be reunited. As if their lives haven’t been made bad enough. Me personally? I could get through just about anything with my dogs beside me. The loss of them, too, would pretty much destroy me.

The deadline for “closure” of the city is looming and many animals are still trapped there. Don’t often ask for petition signatures, but please sign this one on behalf of George Bush’s littlest victims.

*For the curious, Boo Boo is Lucy’s brother (can’t you see the resemblance?). He lives in Washington and has a lovely Mormon wife. Boo Boo really has the plaintive thing going on in this photo, though, so we decided to invoke him too.

Oh and they’re not that good. I had food.

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