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Help house a family from New Orleans has a fabulous website up —, to help coordinate offers of housing for evacuees from Katrina. I will be providing this info to the management at Glenbrook; my wife and I counted at least fourteen vacant apartments just on our side of the complex.

They mostly need housing in the Southeast, of course, but with evacuees being transferred to Portland today and other cities, you too may be able to help.

It’s been four days since Oregon agreed to open its arms to as many as 1,000 of Hurricane Katrina’s victims. But officials here still don’t know when they will arrive — and even if they will arrive at all.

“It’s safe to say they could arrive by Wednesday. They could. But we just don’t know. We’ve been given no date or time,” said Holly Armstrong, a spokeswoman for Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

On Friday, state officials said Katrina victims would be arriving within the next 24 to 48 hours. On Monday, Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed an agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to accept evacuees and to receive federal funding for their care.

Red Cross officials in Oregon said they were planning to provide food and shelter to evacuees for as long as six months. Hundreds of cots have been laid out in the gymnasium of Portland’s Washington-Monroe High School in preparation for the influx of storm victims.

Speaking of opening up housing, I understand there’s this really big critterless ranch in Crawford, Texas, that has recently undergone five-weeks’ worth of brush clearing. I wonder how many families could be housed there?

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