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Fox NY TV station rejects gay candidate's ad

“It’s pretty clear it’s an anti-free speech decision because of our criticism of the president.”
— Manhattan Boro Prez candidate Brian Ellner to the NYT, on Fox’s decision

Gee, Fox can’t handle a political ad because its sensibilities are offended? Geez. Queasiness from a station whose parent network ran “Temptation Island” and all kinds of tasteless reality programming without batting an eye…(

Fox television has refused to run a campaign ad for Brian Ellner, a Democratic candidate for Manhattan borough president.

Ellner says that Fox5 told the campaign that the ad, which features a picture of President Bush superimposed on the body of a naked wrinkled man’s torso is disrespectful and in poor taste. While the picture appears an announcer says “the emperor has no clothes.”

The ad also features Ellner and his partner, Simon Holloway, in what is considered the first time a gay candidate has been accompanied by his partner in a commercial in New York state. “It’s untenable and in my view it’s anti-American.” Ellner also said that the rejection of the ad was “disrespectful to voters.”

The 30 second spot cost about $250,000. While Fox rejected the commercial other New York stations have agreed to run it.  The ad can be seen online at Ellner’s Web site.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding