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Blanco: Superdome to be demolished

CNN reports that Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco has declared that the Louisiana Superdome was so heavily damaged during Katrina (and the debacle afterwards) that it likely will have to be demolished.

Quite frankly, after the horrors that occurred in that building, why would anyone want to go into it again? I don’t spook easily (but wifey Katie says she is sensitive to these things), but the energy of death and disease alone is unsettling to say the least. From a Des Moines Register article:

Walking gingerly through the deep gloom of the Superdome on Monday, it was impossible not to absorb the human suffering that happened in this toxic graveyard days before.

“Goddang,” breathed Maj. Paul Pecena, his Texas slang staccato with disbelief at the mounds of garbage. “I’ve been a police officer for 17 years. In police work, you encounter suffering on an individual level. If you walk into a filthy house, one family’s in there, not 15,000 families. This is a thousand times worse than anything I’ve ever seen.”

The building that looks from a distance like a nuclear reactor has been declared a biohazard zone. Armed troops stand guard. The public is forbidden from entering. But Pecena, a national guardsman from Austin, escorted a couple of visitors inside.

…Sunlight blazes like a laser beam from a hole in the roof that appears to be the size of a garage door. The football field is a swamp of crushed garbage and standing water. After walking out into the fresh air, and even hours later, the stench of the Superdome clings to visitors’ clothing and nose hairs.

What is mind-boggling, is that in an August 31 article after the hurricane (and the levees had given way), the NFL and the governor were in discussions about the Saints returning to the Superdome. Read this, from the Seattle Times:

The NFL and Louisiana officials are trying to determine if hurricane damage to the Louisiana Superdome might affect the New Orleans Saints’ regular-season home opener against the New York Giants on Sept. 18. Two sections of the 30-year-old stadium’s roof were blown away by Hurricane Katrina on Monday as more than 10,000 people sought shelter inside.

NFL spokesman Michael Lipman said in a telephone interview yesterday that the league is monitoring the situation and will continue to be in contact with Saints’ officials before making a decision about the game.

The NFL Network, without citing the source of its information, reported the Saints would be able to play at the Superdome on Sept. 18.

Who was smoking some really strong stuff?

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