It was “Gangster Gangster” at the top of the list
Then I played my own shit, it went somethin’ like this

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Rebecca Hagelin likes writing “gangsta“:

Could it be that in a pop culture where the gangsta style is “hip” and is reflected and perpetuated in everything from violent rap and hip-hop music, to the clothing styles, to the language and gestures used in “normal” communication, to the negative attitudes toward females and children, that the “style” isn’t just a fashion trend but has actually become a way of life for some? In other words, in a culture where many people dress like gangstas, talk like gangstas, and strut like gangstas, should we be shocked and horrified that they start engaging in gangsta crime when given the opportunity?

I can’t help but conclude that if the tragic natural disaster in New Orleans had occurred in a culture that had daily practiced the Golden Rule, rather than the Gangsta Rot, we would have seen more scenes of neighbors helping neighbors and far fewer scenes of neighbors preying upon neighbors.

This somehow has something to do with the Titanic which was, like, totally better than New Orleans because the people on the Titantic went gracefully to their frozen deaths probably because they were all white. And Kate Winslet should have died too because she showed a boob which coarsens our culture and that makes Rebecca uncomfortable and sad.

While Rebecca mentions protecting the children from the “gangsta” culture she can’t seem to find anything to say about the failure of the government to save the children who were suffering from the heat, lack of water, or exposure, because you know what they say:

Better dead the gangsta, yo.

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