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Rove rolls up his shirtsleeves to clean up Chimpy's political mess

The Chimp is heading back to Mississippi and Louisiana today for photo op #2, because everyone noticed the first pass was so staged that even his fellow Repugs said it sucked rocks.

If only the Administration worked as quickly with disaster damage control as they have on political damage control. Rove’s opened up his tool box, and is doing his standard smear job — blame the local folks and the victims, send out the Administration minions out for media face time spouting the same message “let’s look ahead at what we’re doing, not how we f*cked up over the last week.”

These mindless drones…“I loved it…it was much better than Cats…I’m going to see it again and again…”* Can they be any more transparent? Why doesn’t the MSM just stop them in mid sentence and ask if Rove handed them a sheet of things to say, or is he behind them turning a key in their back?

From the NYT article aptly titled, “White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage” :

Under the command of President Bush’s two senior political advisers, the White House rolled out a plan this weekend to contain the political damage from the administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

It orchestrated visits by cabinet members to the region, leading up to an extraordinary return visit by Mr. Bush planned for Monday, directed administration officials not to respond to attacks from Democrats on the relief efforts, and sought to move the blame for the slow response to Louisiana state officials, according to Republicans familiar with the White House plan.

The effort is being directed by Mr. Bush’s chief political adviser, Karl Rove, and his communications director, Dan Bartlett. It began late last week after Congressional Republicans called White House officials to register alarm about what they saw as a feeble response by Mr. Bush to the hurricane, according to Republican Congressional aides.

As a result, Americans watching television coverage of the disaster this weekend began to see, amid the destruction and suffering, some of the most prominent members of the administration – Richard B. Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Donald H. Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense; and Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state – touring storm-damaged communities.

…In many ways, the unfolding public relations campaign reflects the style Mr. Rove has brought to the political campaigns he has run for Mr. Bush. For example, administration officials who went on television on Sunday were instructed to avoid getting drawn into exchanges about the problems of the past week, and to turn the discussion to what the government is doing now.

“We will have time to go back and do an after-action report, but the time right now is to look at what the enormous tasks ahead are,” Michael [Skeletor] Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, said on “Meet the Press” on NBC.

One Republican with knowledge of the effort said that Mr. Rove had told administration officials not to respond to Democratic attacks on Mr. Bush’s handling of the hurricane in the belief that the president was in a weak moment and that the administration should not appear to be seen now as being blatantly political. As with others in the party, this Republican would discuss the deliberations only on condition of anonymity because of keen White House sensitivity about how the administration and its strategy would be perceived.

In a reflection of what has long been a hallmark of Mr. Rove’s tough political style, the administration is also working to shift the blame away from the White House and toward officials of New Orleans and Louisiana who, as it happens, are Democrats.

Rove and this crowd are truly evil, craven pigs. The spin and damage control machine is well oiled; the governing and leadership machine is broken and lying on the floor, exposed to the elements, as the hundreds, if not thousands of bodies strewn along the Gulf coast and New Orleans.

* For those of you too young to remember that reference, it was from a old SNL “commercial” where people attending a performance of The Amazing Alexander were all hypnotized by him. They come out of the show, and are asked what they thought of the show. They each stare blankly into the camera and speak in monotone: “I loved it…it was much better than Cats…I’m going to see it again and again…”

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