Don’t blow in the Presidents face.
It only makes him mad…

“Actually I wish you wouldn’t call me Chief Justice
“On Account of Something’s Wrong with My Semen…”
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Realizing that many of the media bobbleheads can’t hold more than one issue in their coiffed heads at one time, George Bush, mounted the still warm body of Chief Justice Rehnquist and announced that John Roberts would instead fill the Rehnquist seat in the Supreme Court instead of the O’Connor seat which is just as well for Roberts since O’Connor draws a smaller salary because she’s, you know, a chick and only makes 70 cents on the dollar compared to Scalia and Breyer and the other guys.

In an effort to deflect attention from the ethnic cleansing terrible terrible tragedy in New Orleans, President Bush called a hastily put together press conference which left no time for Roberts creepy family to attend since the kids were already at Miss Kippers Master Race Academy where todays lessons included Colors, Shapes, and Speaking To The Help.

Little mention was made of how Justice Antonin Scalia took the news.

John Roberts faces the unsettling task of reigning in strong-willed and experienced colleagues, including two men he beat out for the job of chief justice, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

As chief, Roberts would serve as administrative leader of the court. But he must earn the respect of his colleagues in order to corral conservative majorities.

President Bush picked the 50-year-old appeals court judge on Monday to succeed William H. Rehnquist, passing over conservative Supreme Court justices the president has praised in the past: Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.


Rehnquist, 80, was known for silencing colleagues with a single stern stare. Scalia publicly complained about the time limits on discussions, but bowed to the senior Rehnquist out of respect.

As chief justice, Roberts would take the center seat on the bench, where justices sit in order of seniority. He would call up cases, maintain order and serve as the time keeper. Rehnquist was a stickler.

He would sometimes reprimand Scalia and other justices for dominating oral arguments with statements, under the guise of asking questions.

Scalia and Thomas had been mentioned as contenders for the top court job, and friends said privately that they were interested. In turning to Roberts, Bush avoided a nasty and lengthy confirmation fight but he may have miffed the sitting justices.

After handing Bush the 2000 election it’s surprising that a bitter Scalia hasn’t taken to a rooftop with a high-powered rifle.

But it’s still early…

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