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Universal is de-gaying Dusty Springfield in biopic

Talk about no balls. Dusty Springfield eventually came out about her sexuality, but in today’s queasy Hollywood, a town full of queers, they are still de-gaying people on screen. How pathetic.

Dusty Springfield’s taste for lesbian affairs will be bypassed in an upcoming movie based on the late singer’s life.

The Son of a Preacher Man icon opened up about her bisexuality during the 1970s, but Hollywood executives are keen to steer clear of homosexual themes following the poor box office performance of Alexanader – which also featured a bixsexual lead character.

A Universal Studios executive insists the big-budget biopic will focus on Springfield’s career rather than her relationships. He adds, “Film-goers are growing weary of overt scenes of homosexuality.”

Who is this Universal anonymous f*cktard – who can’t even own up to his/her quote? Guess what? I’m growing weary of overt scenes of bad acting, but that doesn’t stop you dolts from casting Ben Affleck in anything.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding