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Good news: 92% of FORTUNE 500 companies protect gay and lesbian employees

“For companies wanting to send an affirming retail message, including sexual orientation protection helps to tap into the over $600 billion annual U.S. gay and lesbian consumer market.”

— Allan Gilmour, former Vice Chair, Ford Motor Company

It’s nice to post some positive news during these dark days. Non-discrimination policies toward lesbian and gay employees are the norm at major corporations. Bigots, take note — if you are doing business with these Fortune 500 companies — you’re helping them support their homo employees. And guess what, you can’t possibly boycott them all – ha ha ha. How’s that activism working out for you? Do all these companies hate America?

A record 460 (92%) of FORTUNE 500 companies include gay and lesbian employees in their nondiscrimination policies, according to Equality Forum, a national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) civil rights organization. Full listings by company name, revenue, state and industry, along with letters of support from Calpers, Citigroup, Harvard University, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation, are posted at:

“When over 90% of the FORTUNE 500 companies recognize the value of their gay and lesbian employees, it is time for Congress to listen and respond,” stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director of Equality Forum. “Only sixteen states have laws prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination in private employment, and no federal protection exists for gay and lesbian Americans.”

Equality Forum began contacting FORTUNE 500 companies in 2003, when 323 (65%) companies explicitly offered workplace protection to their gay and lesbian employees.

Here are the Top 25:

Here are the Bottom 25 (Note the petro industry rules this list):

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