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Freepers sh*t on Aaron Broussard

Louisiana Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard gets Freeped.

The Freepi have received the talking points from Rove and Mehlman — blame anyone except the Bush Administration for the disaster in the Gulf. In particular, take a crap on Governor Blanco and Louisiana Jefferson Parish President Alan Broussard, whose heartbreaking appearance on Meet the Press today only revved these cretins up. They even, as expected, blame the victims. It’s sickening.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“The “head” of this nightmare is Blanco, her incompetence and the New Orleans’ mayor are what created a situation where citizen outlaws are murdering.”

“I saw him. So emotional. Guilt will do that to you.”

“Seems like it’s more the Louisiana governor who have blood on her hands.”

“Broussard est une tete de m*rde! he truly has shi’ite for brains to make such an accusation.”

“All this screaming by Lousiana officials that “It’s All Bush’s Fault!” is a transparent attempt at deflection, nothing more. It’s not going to wash.”

“This man needs to start by firing himself.”

“FEMA needs to be empowered to do the things it was created to do. They way to empower the Federal agencies is to ask them to take authority. I see a lot of FEMA attacks today. I believe this is due to Blanco’s asking James Lee Witt (former FEMA Director) to help her out. Typical that a Clintonite would immediately resort to politics. That’s the way this thing’s going to go for awhile. Malkin has taken the bait.”

The Democrats where worried about Republican efforts to make inroads among black voters. Needless to say, they will take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to reverse that trend.”

“I didn’t realize Jefferson Parish was a Federal reservation… In fact, now that I think about it, looking at the overhead shots of Mississippi, the Federal reservations (e.g. Keesler AFB) WERE evacuated. Except for the hospital and hurricane hunter squadron, of course. “we’ve got to start with some new leadership” — sounds just about right, beginning with the local leaders who WERE charged with the health and welfare of their constituents.”

Hello to stupid aka Broussard, there are about 1,000 school buses under water in New Orleans, why didn’t your left-wing Nazi loving mayor use them to get the looters, er poor out of the city BEFORE the storm hit. I noticed that most of the looters leaving the city had brand new carrying packs….mmmm makes me wonder where they came from.”

“The people responsible are the voters of LA and NO.”

“Just like the Democrats to yell first and loudest to the press. Doesn’t matter if there is ever an ounce of truth to what is said…just yell, cry, accuse and point fingers to deflect from the truth.”

“They (the murdered) are now official dim voters employed by Nagin’s Navy, currently docked on Lake Blanco, under the command of Senior Senator Landrieu”

“The guilty had been working on their ‘stories’ since Katrina made that right-hand turn in the gulf. They KNEW what the outcome would be and it was Landrieu/Blanco/Nagin CYA after that.”

“Actually, I think the politics so early in this disaster may be fear on the part of Dems that they will lose power among their base because they screwed up so bad. The NO disaster may actually be what is needed longterm to bring Southern poor/blacks further toward the Republican camp, destroying a century of Dem power in the region.

“Broussard’s Emergency Management Director failed to evacuate his mother who was in a nursing home and somehow that is the President’s fault. By his own admission this morning, it is clear that no one in New Orleans took seriously the order to evacuate the area, especially the Emergency Management Director. Pathetic.”

“Broussard, you hereby exiled from the Coon@ss nation!”

“He wants Conressional hearings?I hope he gets his wish.Lets see who the real criminals are.Complete with 24/7 coverage by the media.”

“It’s ironic because they are claiming Bush is doing this because of the “poor and black democratic” voters, but if their logic were to hold, which it doesn’t, Jefferson Parish would be okay since it went 62-38 Bush in 2004.”

“Nagin evac plan. His plan was to let everyone surf out on the storm surge.”

“Most of the churches in non-mandatory evacuation areas are not certified to be safe as shelters. Mandatory evacuation is for flood and storm surge, not wind damage. Most older, big churches could not survive the wind damage from a major hurricane. It would be foolish to use them as shelters.”

I just saw a clip of Broussard on Meet The Press this morning crying about someone’s mother drowning in a retirement home. Sad stuff.

I saw this guy. I thought his tears were about as genuine as Clinton’s at the Ron Brown funeral. That being said, it does not diminish the horribleness of the situation there.”

Abandoned buses

“The screams of the mayor and the governor are as futile as a cat trying to cover its scat on a tile floor. Scroll up a bit and see all those buses under water. Why did the mayor not USE those buses to move people out? That kid who stole one of those buses and saved 70 people (and the bus) has more brains and more guts and more initiative than the mayor.” [Have to agree on this one; the governor, the mayor and their respective administrations didn’t ever have a plan for the sick and poor — it’s classism at its worst.]

“The ‘fruits’ of Godlessness and it’s manifestation, Liberalism in all it glory, on display before the world yet again. Another local official who is culpable for the deaths of thousands who is trying to shift the blame to the Feds who have NO constitutional responsibility or even authority in this matter. The parish presidents, mayors, and the Governor have total responsiblity for how things were prepared for and how they responded to this disaster – that they had been warned about for decades. To blame the Federal government is plain stupid.”

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