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Cardinal: homos are contagious

“Scotland’s adopted children must not become guinea pigs in some distorted social experiment aimed at redefining marriage, subverting the family and threatening the good of society.”

— Scotland Cardinal Keith O’Brien

You must be f*cking kidding. Cut from the Benedict cloth. Are we going to hear that the earth is flat next? The church is rotting throughout; how much of the flock that is left believe this crap?

Scotland’s most senior Catholic says that if the government goes ahead allows gay and lesbian couples to adopt, their children are likely to become homosexual. Writing in Scotland’s Sunday Times, Cardinal Keith O’Brien cites research that most international psychiatric groups have discredited that purports to back up his claim.

One of the “authorities” O’Brien quotes is Aquilino Polaino, a psychology professor at Madrid’s Catholic university, who earlier this year told the Spanish Senate that children of gays suffer a significant increase in low self-esteem, stress, confusion over sexual identity, increased mental illness, drug use, promiscuity, and sexually transmitted infections.

…Several American studies have shown that the children of gays are as well adjusted as those of heterosexuals.

Nevertheless, O’Brien, in his Sunday Times remarks said: “We ignore a wealth of global evidence and place innumerable children in peril if we forget certain immutable truths; children need a male and a female role model in a permanent relationship. O’Brien also said that sex relationships were “unstable”.

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