Changing Arabian Horses In The Middle Of A Flood

FEMA Director Brown
from his college days…
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Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged has every link you will ever need about the murderous failure of the Bush administration to simply do its job post-Katrina.

Steve and Jane provide the righteous outrage.

And I want to point out one thing that the marvelously incompetent arrogant prick, Michael Chertoff said this morning:

MR. RUSSERT:….Mr. Secretary, this is yesterday’s Daily News: “Shame Of A Nation.” And I want to read it to you and our viewers very carefully. It says, “As for Chertoff, if this is the best his department can do, the homeland is not very secure at all. It is absolutely outrageous that the United States of America could not send help to tens of thousands of forlorn, frightened, sick and hungry human beings at least 24 hours before it did, arguably longer than that. Who is specifically at fault for what is nothing less than a national scandal… It will never be known exactly what a day could have meant to so many unfortunates whose lives came to an end in those hopelessly tortured hours–on scorching roadsides, for lack of a swallow of water, in sweltering hospital bads, for lack of insulin. But what is already more than clear is that the nation’s disaster-preparedness mechanisms do not appear to be in the hands of officials who know how to run them.”

Mr. Secretary, are you or anyone who reports to you contemplating resignation?

SEC’Y MICHAEL CHERTOFF: You know, Tim, what we’re contemplating now is the fact that we are very, very much in the middle of a crisis. There’s a bit of a sense that you get that some people think it’s now time to draw a sigh of relief and go back and do the after-action analysis, and there’ll be plenty of time for that. We obviously need to look very closely at things that worked well, and many things did work well, and some things that didn’t work well, and some things did not work well.

But we have to remember that we have an enormous challenge ahead of us, and there’s not a lot of time to get ahead of it. We have basically moved the population of New Orleans to other parts of the country, or we’re in the process of doing so. We’ve got to feed them. We’ve got to shelter the people. We’ve got to get them housing. We’ve got to educate their children. We have to dewater the city. We have to clean up the environment. We’re going to have to rebuild. Those are enormous, enormous tasks, and we can’t afford to get those messed up.

It’s a simple fact that Chertoff and Michael Brown have completely failed in their jobs. And regardless of the fact that there is still much work to do, they are obviously not up to the task. To put it another way: If a person passing themself off as a surgeon was performing surgery on someone you loved and they were discovered midway through the operation to be a fraud, whould you say, “Well, they’ve gone this far. Let’s let them close and see how it turns out”?

I don’t think so.

There are enormous tasks ahead, and we don’t need these two fuck-ups directing traffic.

Oh. And one last thing, through all of this John at Crooks and Liars has been providing amazing clips of post-Katrina coverage at quite a bit of personal cost. Bandwidth ain’t cheap folks. If you visit the site, make sure you leave a little something to defray his costs. It’s the right thing to do.

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