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Back to the regular gay-bashing

One of two cars vandalized.

This time, it’s in Ahwatukee, Arizona. Some f*cknuts think it’s funny to do this sort of thing.

Vandals spray-painted pornographic images on the walls of Mountain Pointe High School and on a home near the 10000 block of East 44th Street early Sunday morning. They also spray-painted anti-gay remarks on two nearby cars.

Along with a shattered windshield and two smashed driver-side windows, one car had the words “I am gay” painted on the hood. One of the cars painted in the Aliso Canyon neighborhood was in front of a gay woman’s home but belonged to a couple visiting her.

She told police that she believes the vandals targeted her because she is gay, said Sgt. Jerry Hill, supervisor of the Phoenix Police Department’s bias-crimes detail. She told police she had previous run-ins in Ahwatukee because of her sexual orientation. “We’re considering that possibility (of a hate crime),” Hill said. “We are still very early in the investigation, however.”

…”In this country, people are free to feel things and express those feelings,” he said. “But when you act on those feelings by writing on somebody’s fence, or destroying their property, or burning things at their homes – that crosses the line.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding