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Tenet may rat on Bush instead of taking the fall for 9/11

Was the Medal of Freedom part of the deal to shut Tenet up?

I’m sure the White House would prefer 24/7 Katrina coverage over this story.

Bushies play hardball. Inspector General John Helgerson has released a scathing report that points to former CIA director George Tenet as the fall guy for intelligence lapses before 9/11 that left the country unprepared for a strike by al Qaeda. The document was delivered to Congress this week, and it recommends punitive sanctions for Tenet. Newsweek reports that things look grim for the designated patsy…

One of the report’s most controversial recommendations, NEWSWEEK has learned, is that an agency “accountability board” be specifically convened to determine if former CIA director George Tenet should be rebuked on at least one issue: whether, as overall chief of the U.S. intelligence community, he failed to sort out disputes between the hypersecretive National Security Agency and the CIA relating to the collection and sharing of intelligence on Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leadership, according to a former U.S. intelligence community official who has read the report but who declined to be identified because it is still classified.

As you might believe, that didn’t sit well with Tenet, so he’s planning to squeal on the Administration. If I were Tenet, I’d watch my back, stay out of dark alleys and deserted parking garages. (Washington Times):

George Tenet is not going to let himself become the fall guy for the September 11 intelligence failures, according to a former intelligence officer and a source friendly to Mr. Tenet.

…Mr. Tenet’s decision to defend himself against the charges in the report poses a potential crisis for the White House. According to a former clandestine services officer, the former CIA director turned down a publisher’s $4.5 million book offer because he didn’t want to embarrass the White House by rehashing the failure to prevent September 11 and the flawed intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Tenet, according to a knowledgeable source, had a “wink and a nod” understanding with the White House that he wouldn’t be scapegoated for intelligence failings. The deal, one source says, was sealed with the award of the Presidential Freedom Medal.

Now that deal may be off. Mr. Tenet’s rebuttal to the report is detailed and explicit. In defending his integrity as CIA director, Mr. Tenet treads perilously close to affirming the account of Richard Clarke, the former NSC terrorism official whose public disclosure of the Bush administration’s delay in adopting a strategy against al Qaeda stirred controversy last summer.

Take a look at the Freepi — they know this is a time bomb. Some are getting queasy, and others are ready to make Tenet “disappear.” Real patriots.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Tenet totally strikes me as someone who will try to take down the ship with him if he thinks he’s going. It was a weakness on Bush’s part to have kept Tenet in his administration.”

“He ought to have been fired the first day the President took office.”

“If he does talk, even if it is all lies, and it connects to what Clarke said, it would be a political disaster and could be the end of the Bush presidency. I hope he doesn’t try to retaliate.”

“The only CYA that Tenet’s doing is for Slick, who appointed him in the first place. Nothing quite like rewriting history to protect your own.”

“Let’s get it on Tenet, you punk.”

“Where is the REAL CIA when you could really use it? Tenet better be glad he and the clinton communists destroyed it.”

“Yep, in the old days, Tenet would have simply disappeared.”

“Bush has made a few mistakes, and not firing this bozo early on was one of them.”

“Remember, George: “It’s a slam-dunk!””

“Regarding keeping Tenet: George Bush is a trusting soul, and he believes that the pit vipers of Washington who have clawed their way to the top will respond to kindness.”

“Tell it ALL. AMEN”

“What’s the over/under on a boating accident?”

“See the thing about this two-paryt system is…. were hit….. you know eventually they will take Bush down, and even if he legitimately did something wrong either in pre-911 or with this hurricane situation, I have to still support him…. just to keep from Dem 08 victory. Sure certain Repubs may not be doing what they should, or even screw up…. But at least when they screw up we find out about it, wheras when the liberals get in we are in for four years of communist screw ups that are not reported and covered up by the media. So I’ll take the most corrupt Republican ever over ANY Democrat. No matter how good the soul who is speaking it is…. Socialism in never acceptable.”

“I imagine if Tenet wants to tackle Bush, then Porter Goss may have a few cards to play.”
#1. Tenet no longer has his top lieutenants (!! Zarqawi types) in the CIA. Porter Goss fired them all.
#2. Porter Goss knows how to data mine the CIA.
#3. Loss of Pensions and criminal prosecution are possible to those involved in dispersions when they themselves are culpable.

As a famous president said, “Bring it on!”

“I say BRING IT ON Tenet. He was part and parcel of any supposed cover up and no matter what he says he was the Director of the CIA well before George Bush took office.”

“Let’s get it all out on the table. Time to end this cover-up that extends back for many years. If we, as a free nation, are to choose our leaders we need the facts so we can make wise decisions. Bush has nothing to fear from the truth if his hands are clean. If I were Tenet I would hardly sit still for being made the fall guy if I had done everything I felt I should have done. I think this is only part of the overall puzzle with “Able Danger” surfacing. Let it all hang out and be done with it.”

“Considering that Tenet is a grossly incompitent, overstuffed, self-important, pompous liar, I wouldn’t be too concerned about anything he might have to say.”

“What I find ironic is the fact that almost two years after the 9/11 Commission held hearings, at which Tenet testified, he has all of this new information. If he had something to say, some proof to offer, why didn’t he do it when he was under oath? The more I hear about the 9/11 Commission, the more I become convinced that it was nothing more than a sham designed to protect Clinton.”

“Why wasn’t Tenet fired after September 11th? Why was he given the Medal of Freedom after screwing up then and also with the WMD? A logical conclusion to draw is that he knew things that would embarrass the administration and they were encouraging him to keep quiet. Why else would you give a medal to someone who presided over these monumental intelligence failures?”

“Tenet should be in jail. He was the one who did not substantiate the false information collected and given to him on WMD.”

“Oh sheesh, there were all these tell-alls before the election and they didn’t do a thing to Bush. I think most people are smart enough to process this stuff for themselves. I think the amount of these books before the election if anything served to point out in peoples’ minds the lengths Bush’s enemies will go to in order to discredit him. Tenent will just look like another petulant child trying to take the blame off his shoulders.”

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