Maybe he can help clear some brush. He knows how to do that.

Bonzo goes to Biloxi:

After saying that federal relief efforts so far “are not acceptable,” President Bush opened a tour of the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast on Friday by vowing the government will restore order in lawless New Orleans and saying the $10.5 billion being approved by Congress is just a small down payment for disaster relief.

On Mississippi’s stricken coast, he met with sobbing residents amid the wreckage of their community.

In Biloxi, Miss., Bush encountered two weeping women on a street where a house had collapsed and towering trees were stripped of their branches. “My son needs clothes,” said Bronwynne Bassier, 23, clutching several trash bags. “I don’t have anything.”

“I understand that,” Bush said. He kissed both women on their heads and walked with his arms around them, telling them they could get help from the Salvation Army. “Hang in there,” he said.

“I’m not looking forward to this trip,” Bush said as he set out for a firsthand look at the destruction in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

I guess we should feel fortunate he showed up at all. The last time he had to go to the deep south, he went AWOL.

Either way, “I’m not looking forward to this trip”.

Shut the fuck up and do your job.

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