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Ms. Julien on Condi, Shakes Sis on Dumbya

My Bloggrrrls are m-a-d (and rightfully so)…

Condi Shops for $$$$ Shoes, Takes in a B’Way Show, when???

Well, um, this week, actually. Our Secretary of State is enjoying herself a mini-holiday in the Big Apple. Nice to see at least one woman enjoying herself. Several other women have been raped in the New Orleans Superdome (including a child)…

From Gawker:

Breaking: Condi Rice Spends Salary on Shoes
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According to Drudge, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has recently enjoyed a little Broadway entertainment. And Page Six reports that she’s also working on her backhand with Monica Seles. So the Gulf Coast has gone all Mad Max, women are being raped in the Superdome, and Rice is enjoying a brief vacation in New York. We wish we were surprised.

Shakes Sis is also pissed.

“It’s devastating, it’s got to be doubly devastating on the ground.”

President Bush, during his flyover of the areas ravaged by Katrina
After reading TBogg’s collection of winger responses

to the president’s speech (thanks for the pointer, Spudsy), over the course of which you could see some of them talking themselves into how good it actually was after all, since none of the victims were watching it, anyhow, I’m totally fucking annoyed, because I’m sick of President Stupid’s every mistake being justified by everyone around him. He was a totally compassionless douche during that speech, which even his supporters are admitting, and I don’t think it’s for any other reason than because he’s basically a heartless bastard.

Shakes Sis also reports some very good news

Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Rep. Mel Watt, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee announced today that when Congress returns next Tuesday, they will introduce legislation to protect the thousands of families and small businesses financially devastated by Hurricane Katrina from being penalized by anti-debtor provisions contained in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, scheduled to take effect on October 17, 2005.

I love Mel Watt.

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