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Freepi on survivor transport to the Houston Astrodome

Volunteers set up cots on the floor of Houston’s Astrodome. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

House Blender Cathy dared to surf over to Freeperland, expecting some sympathy and compassion from the knuckle-draggers: “Just out of curiosity I went to Free Republic because surely they’d realize the horror of the situation and be posting links to the Red Cross, et al. Boy was I wrong.”

Yes, the people suffering in the Superdome, now being bussed to another stadium in Houston (hospitality provided by homo-bigot Rick Perry), and what are the Freepi thinking about? Here’s what Cathy found…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

1. “My understanding is we are supposed to house several thousand at Reunion Arena in Dallas as well.

. . . we need the zeroist of zero tolerance when it comes to behavior in these refugee camps. I’m not in any mood to put up with bussed-in criminals. We’ve got enough grown in our own backyard.”

2. “Oh hell, we’ve got the illegals to take care of already – what’s a few bunch of thousands more legal citizens in our backyard that we’ll need to care for?

It already takes about 8-16 hours to be seen at the local emergency rooms because of the primary care being provided (for free) to the illegal aliens…

Heck, maybe they’ll stay & drive the illegals out and take their jobs away – and wouldn’t that be an interesting development?”

3. “Here’s the thing. The Astrodome is not the place for housing this many people for even 2 weeks much less a minimum of 6 months. We are talking about 20 to 30 thousand people with NO privacy and in an area that is already one of the most high crime areas of Houston. These folks, many single and many, as have been shown, have no inhibitions to take what they want are going to sit quietly in that building without taking advantage of the areas many delights i.e Prostitution, drugs and the whole gamut of entertainment’. This is a disaster in the making.”

4. “The Astrodome has a lot of parking around it. It’s a fair hike and a tall fence before you get to much else of civilization except for the football stadium. If the National Guard is there to treat these folks like it was Gitmo, it might not be that big a problem. But if they keep the doors unlocked and let these people just wander everywhere unchecked, it will be a major problem. And just wait until Jesse and Al and the ACLU show up demanding this and that. Wait until the lawsuits start.

I hope somebody buys a bunch of Eddie Murphy and Cedric the Entertainer DVDs to put on the Jumbotron. That might just keep things down to a roar.”

5. “My prediction is that Jesse Jackson declares himself pastor of the Astrodome. Recognizing the hardship of his flock, he will only require tithing of 5% of their FEMA stipend.”

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