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Freepers on Bush: some apologists, some fed up

Finally. Some of the knuckle-draggers are willing to admit their fearless leader has f*cked up on Katrina, but there are more than a few holdouts willing to dive off the credibility cliff with the Chimp-in-Chief.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“I am really getting tired of people trying to lay the blame for this at Bush’s feet. What the **** is he supposed to do? Maybe he could just start shooting looters himself. That would be a step in the right direction I suppose.”

“…as El Rushbo said today…you’re going to hear more bashing and attacking by the Left against President Bush and his administration…you ain’t seen nothing yet. God Bless this poor President and God Bless our Troops.”

“The President is one man, one person, nothing more. He can only serve to sound the call to duty and to rally the troops. He can not move bureaucracies or departments any faster than any other mere mortal. He is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. To say nothing was in preparations is absurd and indicative of an agenda that could care less about those most affected by Katrina, imo… AFP,, ’nuff said.”

“Bush haters will probably sieze on anything to slam Bush, but do you remember the live video footage of Pataki and Guiliani walking around ground zero right after the attacks? That was powerful stuff. Bush always seems absent somehow.”

“Because maybe Bush has the entire country to run, not just a local city/state? Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin should be the first 2 leaders to counter this crisis. Instead they are either crying or whining about lack of their own preparation.”

“And nothing about the president’s demeanor yesterday — which seemed casual to the point of carelessness — suggested he understood the depth of the current crisis.”

“Perhaps he sould have started pulling his hair and running in circles crying. Translation: He didn’t bite his lip and mouth useless touchy-feely platitudes about how “I feel your pain”, he just talked matter-of-factly about what was being done to actually address the emergency.”

“I am a conservative and while I don’t appraciate the left using my misery for cheap political gain, we need to call a spade a spade. Bush’s response as been as limp dick as Blank-o’s. Maybve more so when you consider the resources he has available. My adopted hometown is in ruins and nothing is being done. Period. Why do we have a f-ing government, if not for these situations? What do I pay taxes for? So I can live in an unconstitutional FEMA shelter and confiscate tax money, so I survive for four months while my city is rebuilt? Terrific. These situations are why conservatives believe in government. And our government at all levels including the man I voted for four times (Bush) has been an utter disaster. I am thinking of becoming an anarchist. Get me an AK 47 and a bus ticket back to New Orleans.”

“Help yourself, but you will have some competition from the rest of the street thugs.”

“Maybe they’ll learn not to mess with Bush! Vote for him or starve – lol. These people are absolute morons.”

“Ronald Reagan was right, government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. Every government agency at all levels has royally F’d up their response to this disaster.”

“I don’t consider having to field stupid questions and having to respond to veiled but baseless attacks from the usual lamestream jackals as being “on the defensive.” GWB has not done anything wrong.”

“Unfortunately, the huge and elaborate entourage that the President must take with him, including extensive communications systems, makes it pretty difficult for the President to just ‘pop on down’. Guiliani didn’t have the logistics problems to deal with and had the freedom to just go out and mingle immediately.”

“You sound like a liberal, who wants big daddy to make everything all better. This catastrophe is unprecedented, yet you want to treat it as it were something that could have been planned for. Your adopted hometown was doomed, if not from Katrina, then from another large storm. Living in a city below sea level, adjacent to the largest lake in the country is a recipe for disaster.”

“It could have been planned for. FEMA noted in 2001 that a direct hit of a major hurricane was the third biggest threat to this nation. Hurricane Ivan barely missed last year, there have been numerous stories about the impact of a major hurricane on New Orleans. And yet what we’re seeing at all levels; state, local, federal, is that nothing was in place to deal with this prior to Katrina.”

“It really was. Dubya has created a strong impression of himself as just out to lunch. Very poor. I hope he gets his act together, and fast: this is his worst run as President, ever.”

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