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Devastation. Chaos. Despair. Record Gas Prices. President Out-of-Touch. Thoughts on Katrina

Words cannot begin to describe the rage I feel toward the President of my country right now. On 9/11, when he sat for seven minutes reading “My Pet Goat”, you might forgive the man for being stunned by the surprise terrorist attack. But when Katrina was pushing through Florida and predicted a week ahead of time to hit New Orleans — and to hit at a higher strength than what actually occurred — the Chimp-in-Chief was fiddling while Rome burned, only yesterday cutting off his five-week vacation to get back to some “hard work”.

Words can’t describe my fury… but that’s never stopped me from trying. My thoughts on Katrina, and a few thousand words worth of pictures, are posted at Radical Writ. (Apologies for the shameless, blatant blogwhoring, Pam, but this one is long and would’ve eaten lots of Blend bandwidth.)

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